About Us

Wibbleys has been Bellevue’s favorite burger restaurant since 1992. Our burgers are simple and cooked the right way. Our fresh ground chuck beef charbroiled to perfection along with fresh ingredients will make your mouth happy. We take pride in serving quality food for our loyal customers

About our food

Our fresh never frozen ground chuck beef comes from the PNW region from a trusted vendor in business since 1921.

You can choose a burger depending on what you are in the mood for. Anything from a:

  • Classic cheese burger – American cheese, lettuce tomatoes, pickles and Wibbley sauce
  • Picante burger (spicy) – Pickled jalapenos, lettuce tomatoes with house-made chipotle mayo
  • South of the border (flavorful) – Roasted green chile on our grill on top of pepper jack cheese.
  • Century burger (unique) – Blue cheese crumbles melted on top of a patty along with bacon, alfalfa clover sprouts and mayo.
  • Blackberry shakes – One of the popular shakes is made with real fruit at Wibbley’s

We also have veggie options, gluten free buns, whole grain buns.

Great local microbrews


Our staffs are one of the friendliest in town. We strive to make you feel like you are at home.

The grill master/ Kitchen manager at Wibbleys is Luis Gonzalez. He has been the backbone of Wibbleys since 2012. He has perfected his skill grilling over 200,000 burgers. He can probably cook your burger with his eyes closed.


The décor of the restaurant has a little bit of English rustic style and pub like atmosphere.

Something about the owner

Daniel Won, the owner, has worked in the restaurant industry as a server and a manager since 2005 through his college years and on. After college, he joined the corporate world for couple years but realized this was not the dream. When the opportunity came upon to take over Wibbley’s, it did not take much convincing as he grew up devouring burgers. There surely were difficulties along the way but the experiences have been joyful to say the least.

One of the best things about being an owner of Wibbleys is the fan base. Wibbley’s fans are the friendliest and most loyal customers I have been pleasure to be around. The appreciation of the Wibbley’s fan is the motivation to serve better quality with great service.