How big are our patties?
Our regular patties are ¼ lbs. and kid’s patties are 1/6 lbs.

What is the lean/fat percentage on your beef patties?
They are 80/20

Do you have gluten free buns? Gluten free fries?
Yes, we have gluten free buns. Yes, we have gluten free fries. We have a separate fryer for fries only. While we have gluten free options, we do not have separate cooking equipment or medium to prepare your meal. Gluten free options will be prepared on the same equipment used for all other menu items. We will make every effort to separate your meal components – minimizing exposure to potential allergies.

Can you cook burgers to different temperatures?
Yes, we can cook our burgers to different temperatures. Our burgers will be cooked to medium-well unless specified otherwise. Medium well beef will have little pink to no pink.

** Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your chances of foodborne illness.

Are your veggie patties gluten free or dairy free?
Our veggie patties are NOT gluten free. They contain wheat. It’s also NOT dairy free as it contains milk.

Do your regular buns contain milk or eggs?
Our regular buns and kid’s buns do not contain milk or eggs.